Simple yet Powerful

A step-by-step guide to how ClockInstant's time tracking works

Place your Beacon at your Work Site

We assign your required number of beacons to your company and deliver for free. You then place your beacons in a convenient location at your respective work sites

Employees Clock In & Out through App

Employees open app when they are within 5 metres of your beacon and click ‘Clock In’ when they arrive and ‘Clock Out’ when they leave to register their time. That data feeds to your web portal in real-time

Time Tracking App
Automated Time Tracking & Reporting

Powerful Automated Time Tracking & Reporting

Login to your web portal and keep track of staff with real-time reporting accessible anywhere. It includes a Today report, Individual Employee Report and a comprehensive Workforce Payroll report including Normal Time & Overtime. Choose your dates, exportable and send straight to Payroll

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