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You have identified you have a problem with collecting and organising staff timesheets. You have found it difficult to accurately pay your staff, you may have even experienced time theft, and also invoice your clients correctly. This has lead to the decision to implement timesheet automation software in your business, and you have chosen ClockInstant. You have fantastic taste, but how do you bloody use this timesheet software?

Before you dive in, we offer free installation and onboarding tutoring. However, if you prefer to digest written media then this is the perfect guide.

1)    Order Proximity Beacons

Ordering the beacons takes 5 minutes. Just fill in a few details on our registration form. You need one beacon per number of locations you operate from on a daily basis. Reminder that the beacons are pocket sized and battery operated (5 year battery life).

2)    We deliver the beacons (Personally if you prefer)

Using your shipping address filled in during your registration process we deliver your requested number of beacons. We love to deliver them personally, so we can meet you and run through the process with you. However, if you prefer we can just courier them to you via one of our partners.

3)    Place Proximity Beacons at work sites

Place the proximity beacon at your meeting point, preferably a location safe and convenient for your employees to clock in and out. We recommend a drawer in managers office if available. If you are out in the field and the manager is supervising then his or her pocket will be more than suitable.

4)     Employee’s download app and Clock In

Your staff download the ‘ClockInstant’ app from the Android or iOS app store. They register with their details, the crucial ones being their employee number and your company code. The company code is issued to you once you register, you can find it in your registered email inbox, it makes sure only your staff can clock in at your beacons.

Your workforce log their times by clicking the ‘clock in’ & ‘clock out’ buttons under the ‘Jobs’ tab of the app. NOTE: Staff can only clock in or out when within 5 metres of the proximity beacon.

5)    View and Manage Timesheet Reports

As the manager, you will have access to the reporting dashboard. You access it through the link sent to your email when you registered. This displays three reports:

Today – A report that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your staff arrivals and departures for that day.

Employee – A report which allows you to take a closer look at an employee’s movements over a period of time. You can easily search for a staff member and choose particular dates of interest. You will be able to see his times in and out per day including the locations he/she worked

Payroll – A report which is a complete summary of your entire workforce and their total normal time, overtime and double time for a payroll cycle in one report. This is exportable and is the most efficient way for your team to calculate employee pay for a week, fortnight or month.

If you have any further queries please contact us or have a look at our FAQs.


This article was produced courtesy of the ClockInstant team,

ClockInstant is a startup that focusses on productivity growth solutions for SMME’s in emerging markets. Our simple, single feature, one-click time tracking solution allows employers to track staff anywhere ensuring they are on time, in the right place, at the right time. 

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