How to get the most out of technology for your business?

How to get the most out of technology for your business? This image was uploaded by ClockInstant at 11 Imam Haron Rd Claremont, Cape Town, 7708.

Whether you like it or not, technology is fuelling businesses to move faster and get everything done quicker. Regardless of whether you are an innovator who looks for the next best thing, or a laggard whose paperwork piles dwarf Goliath. You have to accept one thing. In this century, your company is not going to last without technology.

So how exactly can you exploit technology to your advantage? There are more apps, websites and online tools out there than ever before, yet filtering through the rubbish and finding that revolutionary product is very difficult. Try making a list of the biggest issues you have with regards to the workings of your company. Then identify which ones currently use technology and which ones don’t. If they do, look for a better solution. If they don’t then in 2017, there’s sure to be one out there.

What The Data Says about Technology

The great thing about the internet is that it’s limitless. You can hold infinite amounts of data about your business, whether its sales information, marketing data or staff records. Ensure to keep this data online as opposed to in hard copy, for that moment your colleague spills their coffee on your most important documents they can never be recovered.

One big thing you can improve with technology is data about your staff, including innovative & inexpensive automated timesheets. Apply statistics to their performance, make the workplace exciting and competitive, and present to them the data that you collect. You can do wonderful things with big data, and there is no better host than the internet. Challenge yourself to create an informed platform so you can make key business decisions.

To wrap up, we have seen how the internet has shaped society and business since the turn of the century, but the question is, how can you exploit it to good effect? In short, the answer is to use it to host big data which you collect, and use that data to grow your business. It’s up to you now. Give it a go!


This article was produced courtesy of the ClockInstant team,

ClockInstant is a startup that focusses on productivity growth solutions for SMME’s in emerging markets. Our simple, single feature, one-click time tracking solution allows employers to track staff anywhere ensuring they are on time, in the right place, at the right time. 

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