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Never Waste Another Minute On Staff Timesheets

Client Testimonials

"I used to have to transcribe paper timesheets manually to Excel. ClockInstant saves me days of work each month"
African Personnel Services, Operations Officer
"I can keep track of my merchandiser's movements at all times and make decisions proactively instead of reactively"
African Personnel Services, Supervisor
"The ClockInstant app is very easy to use. I like seeing my work history and knowing that my manager knows I am early"
African Personnel Services, Merchandiser

Simple Employee App

Employees Clock In on App

Your staff use a simple app to clock in and out. The difference is the app only allows an employee to clock in when they are in proximity of your beacon (work site)

Avoids Buddy Clocking

Each employee app is unique to them, enabling the avoidance of buddy clocking

Low Data Costs

The app uses less than 1mb of data to open. Then interacts with the beacon via Bluetooth which uses no data

Why use ClockInstant for Time & Attendance?

Save Time

Save days of work on capturing and organising staff timesheet data. Our app communicates with a Bluetooth beacon which means all data is captured and organised automatically when staff arrive and leave. Managers are able to view data in real-time from anywhere in the world through our portal. Ideal for staff on the move.

Save Money

Never pay staff too much for incorrect hours. Your staff data is accurate up to the second and editable rules calculate and split up normal time, overtime & Sunday/Public Holiday hours worked.

Never Lose Data

Your data is housed on a cloud-based web portal which updates in real-time. You choose your dates, export and send to payroll in the ideal format.

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Never spend another minute on staff timesheets